Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alan's birthday celebration

Is time for me to blog!!

(After 1 month)

I not sure too~
busy with my training?
Maybe all~~

Ivan is coming to Malaysia for 2 weeks time.
Time flies...
1 week past..
This Saturday he is gonna back to Spain. :)
(Will miss him maybe)

I think he is busy since his timetable is fully book by everyone.
This is the only 1 picture we took last week with Kiwi at Pasta Zanmai while waiting our food.
But this is the picture that after edit by Kiwi.
She don't want to give me the original picture.
She said that she not really like it.  :(

Sorry about that~~

Around 1pm I went the garden hotel and fetch him to Petaling Street.
A place that he wish to go?
We walk around and try some snacks that quite famous at there.
But i guess...he not really like it?
He bought a lots of DOMO and some souvenirs ~
Now i know that how much he love Domo...

After finish taking picture and grab the things he wants,
we went time square and sg wang.

We bought chatime after walk for few hours..
I think he likes the pearl as topping.
He prefers lemon than lime..:)
ngek ngek ngek...

Around 5+pm...
We back to Petaling Street and he bought a shirt that he wants.
Is RM6~~pretty cheap~

We meet winwin at Pasar Seni Station..
Ivan gives kisses to winwin for a long time and we miss a train..  :(
Reached University Station,Alan fetch us to Bangsar south.

Actually we plan to go The S'mores,
who knows?
Is fully booked until 9pm.
So we change to another place~

Deng deng deng deng~~~
Here we are~OiS....
Is a korean restaurant!

We order our food and keep on chatting there..
As my favourite...
I like to take picture when i got free time....

Picture of me and Alice ~

Take picture with the birthday boy, Alan...

 My best friend Jamie~~

Another best friend,Winwin...
I like this picture so much...

Sobsob...Yen Yen cant join our gathering this time..
she went to Singapore with her boy and family~

Picture with Desmond~

Winwin take this for me using my S2....

Now my turn to take her picture~~

ok...Last picture...
with Vincent~

 Nah Nah Nah~~
My food is coming...
It's cost Rm  8.9 or Rm9.9...
Such a big portion....

 Omg...No picture with Ivan~(He don't like it)
Ivan join this birthday party with me and he meets all my best friend...
I think this is the 1st time he tried Korean food and his reaction is bit funny after taste the spicy stuff...
Keep on laughing on that...(Sorry,my bad!)

Ivan looked at the advertisement there and keep on said that Beer..Beer..Beer...
After finish our dinner around 9+pm,Alan,Jamie and win win went back home.
 Remain Vincent,Alice,Desmond,Ivan and Me.
We heading to Scott Garden's Overtime(OT) at OUG.

3 guys ordered beer...
Me and Alice ordered Juice~
.We sit there for almost 2 hours to chitchat...
12am...Vincent sent Ivan back to hotel and sent me back home..

1+am only i sleep~~
6am wake up and work at 7am early in the morning....
sleepy now...

Ok...this is my Lunch for today....
We eat lunch at Pankcake house.
As a conclusion...
Although this is the 1st time they meet each others, but they can talk lots of things liked relationships,football,and etc...
Ivan is such a nice guy..friendly,funny and kind...(Maybe romance too)
Not bad to have a friend liked him! :)

Is time for me to sleep after finish this...
Enjoy my 2 days holiday!!!

(1st time i write my blog in English!)

Will be back to my blog after 1 month maybe...
depends on my mood!

bye bye~~~

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  1. hehe...all of us...enjoyed tht day with Ivan, he has got so much to share with us...n also a funny n honest guy...^_^